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Image by George Pagan III

a word from our founder,

Anaberta Rodriguez

    "" When I arrived to this country, venturing into the field of gastronomy became something I needed to do. When I realized that, sadly, the taste of Latin American food has been forgotten, it became a pressing issue to me. Unfortunately we as a country only have the bombardment and proliferation of places where the fast food is full of calories and devoid of nutritional values. That’s no way to raise healthy people, healthy communities.


     For this reason, I have decided to open my small business, putting at your distinguished choice, a wide variety of simple dishes high in nutritional value, 100% natural, fresh, delicately seasoned; prepared with the utmost care and hygiene for your well-being and health.""

     Our menu varies depending on the season and acceptance. However if you have the concern of a dish not offered in our menu, contact us and we will have it in 2-4 hours depending on the product.


     in order to guarantee the existence of the products you plan to order, we request in the most attentive manner, that you place your order 1 day before or at least 2 hours before your pick-up.

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